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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: Active test


Performing an ACTIVE TEST enables components including the relays, VSV (Vacuum Switching Valve), and actuators, to be operated without removing any parts.

The ACTIVE TEST can be performed with an intelligent tester. Performing an ACTIVE TEST in the first step in troubleshooting is one method to shorten diagnostic time.

DATA LIST can be displayed during ACTIVE TESTs.

(a) Connect an intelligent tester to the DLC3.

(b) Start the engine.

(c) Turn the tester ON.

(d) Select the following menu items: DIAGNOSIS / ENHANCED OBD II / ACTIVE TEST.

(e) Perform the ACTIVE TEST by referring to the table below.

Active test

Active test

Active test

  • *1: If the display of the DATA LIST's CAT OT MF F/C item is NOT AVL, perform this ACTIVE TEST with the vehicle stopped and the engine idling.
  • *1: If the display of the DATA LIST's CAT OT MF F/C item is AVAIL, perform this ACTIVE TEST as described below.

(a)Stop the engine and turn the ignition switch ON to turn FUEL CUT#1 (to #6) ON.

(b)Start the engine.

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