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Toyota Sienna 2010-2019 Owners Manual: If the shift lever cannot be shifted from P

If the shift lever cannot be shifted with your foot on the brake pedal, there may be a problem with the shift lock system (a system to prevent accidental operation of the shift lever). Have the vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer immediately.

The following steps may be used as an emergency measure to ensure that the shift lever can be shifted:

Toyota Sienna. If the shift lever cannot be shifted from P

  1. Set the parking brake.
  2. Turn the engine switch to the “ACC” position (vehicles without a smart key system) or ACCESSORY mode (vehicles with a smart key system).
  3. Depress the brake pedal.
  4. Pry the cover up with a flathead screwdriver or equivalent tool.

    To prevent damage to the cover, cover the tip of the screwdriver with a rag.

Toyota Sienna. If the shift lever cannot be shifted from P

  1. Press the shift lock override button.

    The shift lever can be shifted while the button is pressed

If the beep sounds continuously when the shift lever is shifted from P (vehicles with an AUTO ACCESS SEAT)

The AUTO ACCESS SEAT may not be locked in place.

For details, refer to “AUTO ACCESS SEAT OWNER’S MANUAL”.

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