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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: Installation


  1. When exchanging the clips
  1. Remove the tape that remains on the mounting surface of the vehicle body and then clean the surface with white gasoline.
  2. Using a heat light, heat up the clip installation surfaces of the vehicle body and moulding.

Heating temperature:

Heating temperature

NOTICE: Do not heat the body and moulding excessively.

Heating temperature

  1. Set the supply clips in the positions as shown in the illustration and press-fit the clips by hand to install them.

NOTICE: Install the moulding when 30 minutes or more have passed after press-fitting the clips.


  1. Install the roof drip side finish moulding
1. REMOVE ROOF DRIP SIDE FINISH MOULDING Put protective tape around the roof drip side finish moulding. Using a remover for the roof moulding, disengage of the clips both in the front an ...

Outside moulding

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