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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: Precaution


(a) When installing a tire, make sure that the tire pressure warning valve and transmitter does not interfere with the tire bead in order to prevent damage to the tire pressure warning valve and transmitter.

(b) After completing the operation, remove the valve core to rapidly release the air in the tire and check that the warning light comes on. If the warning light does not come on, the system may be defective.

(c) If there is air leakage, tighten the nut to a torque of 4.0 N*m (41 kgf*cm, 35 in.*lbf) and push the valve core 2 or 3 times to remove any dirt attached to the valve core. If air continues to leak, replace the grommet, washer, and nut.

(d) When installing the tire pressure warning valve and transmitter, check whether the rim, grommet, washer, and nut are clean. Use a manufacturerspecified cap.

(e) When putting air into the tire, first install the tire pressure valve straight onto the stem of the tire pressure warning valve and transmitter.


(a) If replacing a tire, be sure to check the grommet of the tire valve for damage. If the grommet is damaged, replace the grommet, washer, and nut.

(b) If replacing the tire pressure warning valve and transmitter, make sure that the new grommet and washer are used.

(c) If tires and wheels are replaced, register the transmitter ID (See page TW-20).

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