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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: Removal and installation of engine intake parts

Toyota Sienna Service Manual / Introduction / Repair instruction / Precaution / Removal and installation of engine intake parts


(a) If any metal particles enter inlet system parts, this may damage the engine.

(b) When removing and installing inlet system parts, cover the openings of the removed parts and engine openings. Use gummed tape or other suitable materials.

(c) When installing inlet system parts, check that no metal particles have entered the engine or the installed parts.

Removal and installation of fuel control parts
(a) PLACE FOR REMOVING AND INSTALLING FUEL SYSTEM PARTS (1) Work in a location with good air ventilation that does not have welders, grinders, drills, electric motors, stoves, or any other ignitio ...

Handling of hose clamps
HANDLING OF HOSE CLAMPS (a) Before removing the hose, check the clamp position so that it can be reinstalled in the same position. (b) Replace any deformed or dented clamps with new ones. ...

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