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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: System description


This system has these functions: automatic glare-resistant electrochromic (EC) mirror, electrical remote control type mirror, memory function, foot light function, and rear window defogger-linked mirror defogger.




Vertical mirror motor Receives signal from outer mirror control ECU and adjusts remote control mirror in the vertical direction.
Horizontal mirror motor Receives signal from outer mirror control ECU and adjusts remote control mirror in the horizontal direction.
Mirror defogger Receives signal from defogger relay and starts mirror defogger.
EC mirror cell Varies reflection rate of mirror through function of EC elements.
Mirror control switch After selecting "R" or "L" switch, control switches change angle of mirror. Mirror signals are sent to outer mirror control ECU through body ECU.
Mirror master switch Consists of "R" and "L" switch. One must be chosen before mirror control switches can be operated.
Mirror position sensor Detects remote control mirror position. This data is detected by outer mirror control ECU.
Set switch (set switch) Memory switch When set switch and memory switches are pressed simultaneously, SET, 1 or 2 switch is input position Memory switch input to outer mirror control ECU and remote control mirror position is recorded. Then, when memory switch is pressed, 1 or 2 switch is input to outer mirror control ECU and remote control mirror position changes according to memory.


The remote control mirror has following features:



Ignition switch-linked automatic electrical retractable mirror This function automatically retracts remote control mirrors when ignition switch is turned from ON to LOCK. This feature improves convenience of vehicle by eliminating need to manually operate mirror retract switch after stopping vehicle.
Manual electrical retractable mirror This function retracts remote control mirrors when mirror retract switch is pressed.
Electrical remote control type mirror When mirror control switch is operated, this function moves mirror surface vertically or laterally to enable driver to attain optimal mirror angle. Setting mirror master switch to "R" position operates right mirror, and to "L" position operates left mirror.
Rear window defogger-linked mirror defogger This function automatically turns on mirror defogger when rear window defogger switch is turned on. switch is turned on. After 15 minutes have elapsed from time this function has been activated, rear window defogger turns off automatically, and mirror defogger also turns off
Wiper-linked mirror defogger To improve rear visibility in the rain, this system automatically turns on mirror defogger when wiper switch is turned on.
Automatic glare-resistant EC mirror This function helps to reduce glare/reflection in inner mirror during nighttime driving for safe driving conditions. Glare/reflection from vehicle headlights behind driver could blind driver and cause dangerous driving conditions.
Memory function This function stores adjusted mirror position in driver and front passenger outer mirror control ECU.
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