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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: Warning Buzzer Malfunction

DTC P1575 Warning Buzzer Malfunction


The ABS & traction actuator (skid control ECU) receives an alarm demand signal from the ECM and operates the skid control buzzer. The buzzer sounds to warn that the distance between the vehicle in front and your own vehicle is decreasing.


DTC Detection Condition

Trouble Area


The ECM receives a buzzer abnormal signal for 0.2 sec. or more while the dynamic laser cruise control is in operation
  • Skid control buzzer
  • Skid control buzzer circuit
  • ABS & traction actuator (Skid control ECU)

HINT: If the vehicle ahead in the same lane significantly decreases its speed or another vehicle moves in front of your vehicle, adequate deceleration cannot be applied and the vehicle-to-vehicle distance will shorten. At this time, the system sounds the buzzer and the master warning light blinks to inform the driver. This circuit uses CAN communication. Therefore, if there are any malfunctions in the communication circuit, one or more DTCs in the CAN communication system are output.


Refer to the skid control buzzer circuit


Refer to the skid control buzzer circuit

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