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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: Problem symptoms table


Refer to the table below when the trouble cause is considered to be electrical. If the instruction PROCEED TO NEXT CIRCUIT INSPECTION SHOWN IN PROBLEM SYMPTOMS TABLE is given in the flowchart of each circuit, inspect the suspected areas in descending order for each symptom. If the trouble still occurs even though there are no abnormalities in the inspections listed for the symptoms, check and replace the ECM.

1. Chapter 1: Electronic Circuit Matrix Chart

Chapter 1: Electronic Circuit Matrix Chart

2. Chapter 2: On-Vehicle Repair and Off-Vehicle Repair

 Chapter 2: On-Vehicle Repair and Off-Vehicle Repair

Chapter 2: On-Vehicle Repair and Off-Vehicle Repair

Monitor drive pattern
1. MONITOR DRIVE PATTERN FOR ECT TEST (a) Perform this drive pattern as one method to simulate the detection conditions of the ECT malfunctions. (The DTCs may not be detected due the actual drivin ...

Terminals of ecm
1. Ecm Hint: each ecm terminal's standard voltage is shown in the table below. In the table, first follow the information under "condition". Look under "symbols (terminal no. ...

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Laser Sensor Power Source Circuit
DESCRIPTION This circuit provides power to the laser sensor. The laser sensor emits radio waves towards an object in front and measures the distance and direction of the object by receiving the beam reflections. Based on the reflections, the sensor calculates the difference in speed between t ...

Replacement 1. REMOVE NO. 1 ENGINE UNDER COVER (See page EM-26) 2. REMOVE V-BANK COVER SUB-ASSEMBLY (See page EM-28) 3. DRAIN ENGINE COOLANT (a) Loosen the radiator drain cock plug. HINT: Collect the coolant in a container and dispose of it according to the regulations in your area. (b ...

1. Install thermostat (a) Install a new gasket to the thermostat. (b) Install the thermostat with the jiggle valve facing up. Hint: the jiggle valve may be set within 10° on either side of the prescribed position. 2. INSTALL WATER INLET (a) Install the water inlet with the 2 nuts . ...

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