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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: Door control transmitter

Toyota Sienna Service Manual / Door lock / Door control transmitter




  1.  Inspect operation of the transmitter.
  1.  Remove the battery (lithium battery) from the transmitter.
  2.  Install a new or normal battery (lithium battery).
  3.  When a new or normal battery is not available, connect 2 new 1.5 V batteries in series, connect the battery positive (+) to the battery receptacle side terminal and battery negative (- ) to the bottom terminal, then apply 3 V voltage to the transmitter.
  4. In a location that is approx. 1m (3.28 ft) away from the driver side outside door handle in the right direction, point the key plate of the transmitter at the vehicle and check operation of the transmitter by pressing a transmission switch on the transmitter body.

Standard: The door lock can be operated via the remote control.


  1.  Install the battery (lithium battery).
  1.  Inspect the battery capacity.


  1.  Remove the battery (lithium battery) from the transmitter.


  1. Connect the lead to the negative (-) terminal of the transmitter and install the battery.


  1. Connect the tester positive (+) probe to the positive (+) battery (lithium battery) and the tester negative (-) probe to the lead respectively.
  2.  Press one of the transmission switches on the transmitter for approx. 1 second.
  3.  Press the transmission switch on the transmitter again to check the voltage.

Standard voltage: 2.2 V or higher


  1.  Disconnect the lead.
  2. Set the battery (lithium battery) in the transmitter.
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