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1. SRS AIRBAG SYSTEM HANDLING PRECAUTIONS This vehicle is equipped with an SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) such as the driver airbag and front passenger airbag. Failure to carry out serv ...

System description
1. BRIEF DESCRIPTION The CAN (Controller Area Network) is a serial data communication system for real time application. It is a vehicle multiplex communication system which has a high commun ...

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Changing the entertainment source Sound output on/off, volume Programmable memory buttons Changing the station/track Waveband/satellite radio Navigation destination entry Entering a destination via quick search 1. Press the button on the Controller. 2. "Where to?" 3. Enter at least two let ...

Washing the vehicle
General information Regularly remove foreign objects such as leaves in the area below the windshield when the hood is raised. Wash your vehicle frequently, particularly in winter. Intense soiling and road salt can damage the vehicle. Steam blaster and high-pressure washer Safety information NOTICE ...

Power Slide Door Pulse Sensor Malfunction on Rear Left Door
DTC B2224 Power Slide Door Pulse Sensor Malfunction on Rear Left Door DESCRIPTION  A pulse sensor is built into slide door LH for jam and foreign object detection and for slide door position detection. The jam and foreign object detection feature of the pulse sensor monitors the o ...

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