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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: Problem symptoms table

HINT: Proceed to the troubleshooting for each circuit in the table below.



Suspected Area

The SRS warning light goes off after the primary check, but then comes on. SRS Warning Light Remains ON
When the ignition switch is turned to the ON position, the SRS warning light sometimes remains on even after approximately 6 seconds. SRS Warning Light Remains ON
The SRS warning light always comes on even when no DTC is output. SRS Warning Light Remains ON
When the ignition switch is turned to the ON position, the SRS warning light does not come on. SRS Warning Light does not Come ON
Although the SRS warning light operates normally, a DTC or a normal system code is not displayed. Diagnosis Circuit
Although terminals TC and CG are not connected, a DTC or normal system code is displayed. Diagnosis Circuit
How to proceed with troubleshooting
HINT: *: Use the intelligent tester. 1 VEHICLE BROUGHT TO WORKSHOP 2 CUSTOMER PROBLEM ANALYSIS Confirm problem symptoms 3 CHECK MULTIPLEX COMMUNICATION SYSTEM* Check if the multiplex com ...

Terminals of ECU

Other materials:

Drive-ready state
Switching on drive-ready state Depress the brake pedal. Press the Start/Stop button. Switching off drive-ready state Steptronic transmission: 1. Engage selector lever position P with the vehicle stopped. 2. Press the Start/Stop button. The engine is switched off. 3. Set the parking brake. Aut ...

Vehicle load limits
Vehicle load limits include total load capacity, seating capacity, TWR (Trailer Weight Rating) and cargo capacity Total load capacity (vehicle capacity weight): Total load capacity means the combined weight of occupants, cargo and luggage. Seating capacity Without second center seat: 7 occupan ...

For vehicles equipped with vehicle stability control (vsc) system
(a) Notices when using drum tester Notices when using drum tester. (1) When using a drum tester, be sure to start the engine with the ignition switch OFF, and connect SST to the terminals TS and CG of the DLC3 before the measurement in order to cancel the VSC operation. SST 09843-18040 ...

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