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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: Reassembly

1. Install lower radiator tank

 Install lower radiator tank

(a) After checking that there are no foreign objects in the lock plate groove, install a new O-ring without twisting it.

HINT: When cleaning the lock plate groove, lightly rub it with sandpaper without scratching it.

Install lower radiator tank

(b) Tap the lock plate with a plastic-faced hammer so that there is no gap between the lock plate and the tank.

NOTICE: Do not tap the areas protruding around the pipes, brackets or tank ribs.

Install lower radiator tank

(c) Install the punch assembly to the overhaul handle, inserting it in the hole in part A as shown in the illustration.

SST 09230-01010 (09231-01010, 09231-01020), 09231-14010

(d) While gripping the handle, adjust the stopper bolt so that dimension B is as specified below.

Dimension B: 8.8 mm (0.347 in.)

Install lower radiator tank

(e) Lightly press SST against the lock plate in the order shown in the illustration. After repeating this procedure a few times, fully crimp the lock plate by squeezing the handle until stopped by the stopper bolt.

SST 09230-01010 (09231-01010, 09231-01020), 09231-14010

Install lower radiator tank

  • Do not crimp the protruding areas around ports A and brackets B.
  • Do not use SST to crimp the circled areas indicated in the illustration. Use pliers and be careful not to damage the core plates.

Install lower radiator tank

(f) Check the lock plate height A after completing the crimping.

Install lower radiator tank

Standard plate height A: 8.8 mm (0.347 in.)

If the height is not as specified, readjust the stopper bolt of the handle and crimp the lock plate again.


HINT: The installation procedure for the upper radiator tank is the same as that for the lower radiator tank.


(a) Install a new O-ring to the drain plug.

(b) Install a new O-ring to the air drain plug.

(c) Install the drain plug and air drain plug.


(a) Plug the inlet and outlet pipes of the radiator with SST.

SST 09230-01010 (09231-00030, 09231-00060) (b) Using a radiator cap tester, apply pressure to the radiator.

Standard test pressure: 177 kPa (1.8 kgf/cm2, 26 psi) (c) Submerge the radiator in water.


(d) Inspect for leak.


HINT: On radiators with resin tanks, there is clearance between the tank and lock plate where a minute amount of air will remain, giving the appearance of an air leak when the radiator is submerged in water.

Therefore, before doing the water leak test, first swish the radiator around in the water until all air bubbles disappear.



(a) Install the radiator water inlet with the 2 bolts.

Torque: 7.1 N*m (72 kgf*cm, 63 in.*lbf)

1. INSPECT LOCK PLATE FOR DAMAGE (a) Inspect the lock plate for damage. HINT: Reassembly of a deformed tank will be impossible. Therefore, first correct the shape of the lock plate groov ...

1. Connect inlet sub-assembly (a) Connect the inlet hose to the radiator. (b) Install the inlet sub-assembly to the radiator with the bolt. Torque: 7.1 N*m (72 kgf*cm, 63 in.*lbf)V 2. Ins ...

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