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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: Initialization



HINT: Before starting the following procedure, make sure that the seatback position is stored in the fold seat control ECU and reclining motor (the seatback position is initialized).

  1.  Press and hold the stowing/return switch.
  2.  Within 10 seconds of pressing and holding the stowing/return switch, press the folding switch 5 times with the stowing/return switch held down.

HINT: If any of the following is performed during the initialization release steps, the release steps will be canceled.

  1.  If the folding switch is pressed 5 times within 10 seconds of pressing and holding the stowing/return switch, the initialization release operation is complete.

HINT: After the initialization release steps are completed, turn the ignition switch to the ON position and check that the 3rd SEAT indicator on the combination meter is on. If the 3rd SEAT indicator remains off even after the initialization release steps are completed, perform the initialization release steps again.



  1. Press the stowing/return switch to set the seat to the original state.
  2. Press and hold the power rear no. 2 seat switch until the seat is completely folded down.
  3. Continue pressing the power rear no. 2 seat switch for another 1 second with the seat folded down.

    Initialization is complete and the buzzer sounds.


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