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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: Inspection



  1.  Using an ohmmeter, measure the resistance between the terminals.

Standard resistance

Standard resistance


If the resistance is not as specified, replace the crankshaft position sensor.

1. REMOVE COMPRESSOR AND MAGNETIC CLUTCH 2. REMOVE CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR  Disconnect the crankshaft position sensor connector.  Remove the bolt, and then remove the cranksh ...

1. INSTALL CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR  Apply a light coat of engine oil to the O-ring on the crankshaft position sensor.  Install the crankshaft position sensor with the bolt. ...

Other materials:

Lock Switch Circuit
DESCRIPTION Each of the left and right seats has lock switches that detect the lock condition of the seat legs to the floor when the seat is in the original or folded-down state. If any of the lock switches detect an unlock condition, the 3rd SEAT indicator on the combination meter will come ...

Engine immobilizer system
The vehicle’s keys have built-in transponder chips that prevent the engine from starting if a key has not been previously registered in the vehicle’s on-board computer. Never leave the keys inside the vehicle when you leave the vehicle. This system is designed to help prevent vehicle the ...

Open in Front Passenger Side Squib 2nd Step Circuit
DTC B1186/58 Open in Front Passenger Side Squib 2nd Step Circuit DESCRIPTION The front passenger side squib 2nd step circuit consists of the center airbag sensor assembly and the front passenger airbag assembly. The circuit instructs the SRS to deploy when deployment conditions are met. ...

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