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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: Installation


  1. When exchanging the clips
  1. Remove the tape that remains on the mounting surface of the vehicle body and then clean the surface with white gasoline.
  2. Using a heat light, heat up the clip installation surfaces of the vehicle body and moulding.

Heating temperature:

Heating temperature

NOTICE: Do not heat the body and moulding excessively.

Heating temperature

  1. Set the supply clips in the positions as shown in the illustration and press-fit the clips by hand to install them.

NOTICE: Install the moulding when 30 minutes or more have passed after press-fitting the clips.


  1. Install the roof drip side finish moulding
1. REMOVE ROOF DRIP SIDE FINISH MOULDING Put protective tape around the roof drip side finish moulding. Using a remover for the roof moulding, disengage of the clips both in the front an ...

Outside moulding

Other materials:

1. REMOVE REAR DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER COVER (a) Remove the 8 bolts from the carrier cover. (b) Using a brass bar and a hammer, separate the carrier cover from rear differential carrier assembly. (c) Remove the breather plug from the rear differential carrier cover. (d) Remove the bol ...

1. PRECAUTION CAUTION: Be sure to read "PRECAUTION" thoroughly before servicing. 2. DISCONNECT CABLE FROM NEGATIVE BATTERY TERMINAL CAUTION: Wait for 90 seconds after disconnecting the cable to prevent the airbag working. 3. REMOVE STEERING WHEEL NO.3 COVER LOWER  Using a ...

Abnormal Temperature Inside ID1 Tire
DESCRIPTION Each tire pressure warning valve and transmitter measures the internal temperature of its tire as well as tire pressure, and transmits the information to the tire pressure warning ECU along with the transmitter ID. If the measured temperature is out of the specified range, t ...

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