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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: Distance Control ECU Malfunction

DTC P1617 Distance Control ECU Malfunction


In the dynamic laser cruise control system, the ECM and the distance control ECU communicate with one another to control the system based on some designation information. If the designation information of the ECM and distance control ECU is different or the distance control ECU is malfunctioning, this DTC is recorded


DTC Detection Condition

Trouble Area


While the dynamic laser cruise control is either preparing for operation or operating, if a designation signal from the ECM and a designation return signal from the distance control ECU do not match or the distance control ECU is malfunctioning for more than a specific amount of time, the ECM records this trouble code Distance control ECU


NOTICE: When the distance control ECU is replaced with a new one, initialization must be performed


  1. Confirm the designation information.
  1.  Turn the ignition switch to the ON position.
  2.  Turn the cruise control main switch on.
  3.  With the brake pedal depressed, push the cruise control main switch to + (ACCEL)/RES (RESUME) 3 times within 3 seconds. Check that the skid control buzzer sounds at this time.

OK: The skid control buzzer sounds. (Initialization is performed.)



  1. Clear the DTCs and then recheck for DTCs.



HINT: If DTC P1617 is still output after replacing the distance control ECU, replace the ECM.


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