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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: CD cannot be Ejected



  1. Press the CD EJECT switch of the radio receiver for 2 seconds or more and check that the CD is ejected.

OK: CD is ejected


  1. Insert another CD and check if it is ejected.

OK: CD is ejected.


Sound Quality is Bad Only when CD is Played (Volume is Too Low)
INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1 REPLACE CD WITH ANOTHER AND RECHECK Replace the CD with another one and recheck. Check if the problem recurs using another CD. OK: Malfunction disappears. END ...

CD cannot be Inserted / Played or CD is Ejected Right After Insertion
INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1 CHECK IF A PROPER CD IS INSERTED Make sure that the CD is an audio CD or a CD with an MP3 or WMA file, and that it is not deformed, flawed, stained, burred, or otherwis ...

Other materials:

How to proceed with troubleshooting
The intelligent tester can be used in steps 4, 6, 8 and 9. 1 VEHICLE BROUGHT TO WORKSHOP 2 CUSTOMER PROBLEM ANALYSIS 3 PASSENGER AIRBAG ON/OFF INDICATOR CHECK 4 DTCs CHECK (Present and Past DTCs) Check for DTCs. Result 5 DTCs CHART 6 CIRCUIT INSPECTION 7 REPAIR 8 CLEAR DTCs (Present ...

HINT: Replace the RH side using the same procedures as for the LH side. 1. REMOVE FRONT WHEEL 2. REMOVE FRONT AXLE HUB LH NUT (See page DS- 5) 3. SEPARATE SPEED SENSOR FRONT LH (See page DS-5) 4. SEPARATE FRONT DISC BRAKE CALIPER ASSEMBLY LH (a) Remove the 2 bolts and separate the front ...

Mute Signal Circuit between Radio Receiver and Stereo Component Amplifier
DESCRIPTION This circuit sends a signal to the stereo component amplifier to mute noise. Because of that, the noise produced by changing the sound source ceases. If there is an open in the circuit, noise can be heard from the speakers when changing the sound source. If there is a short i ...

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