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Toyota Sienna Service Manual: DVD Error/ Excess Current/ Tray Insertion / Ejection Error

Toyota Sienna Service Manual / Navigation / Navigation system / Diagnostic trouble code chart / DVD Error/ Excess Current/ Tray Insertion / Ejection Error

DTC 44-44 DVD Error

DTC 44-48 Excess Current

DTC 44-50 Tray Insertion / Ejection Error



DTC Detection Condition

Trouble Area

44-44 Operation error in the DVD mechanism Television display assembly
44-48 Excess current is present in the DVD player
44-50 Malfunction in insertion/ejection system


HINT: After the inspection is completed, clear the DTCs.


  1. Clear the DTCs


  1. Recheck for DTCs and check if the same trouble occurs again.

HINT: If DTCs are detected frequently, replace the television display assembly.

OK: Malfunction disappears.


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Eject Error/ Elevator Error/ Clamp Error
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